Fast Pass for Boarding

Now you can relax and enjoy your get-a-way, knowing your pet is receiving quality care at our veterinarian supervised clinic.  We are proud of our new AAHA accredited boarding facility which has spacious accommodations for your pet and a caring and dedicated staff that is attentive to their needs. Our staff is quick to notice any problems so if any unusual behavior or sickness is noticed, your pet will be examined by one of our doctors for evaluation and treatment is necessary. 

A little anxious about leaving your pet?  Feel free to call us and check in and see how they are doing. Does your pet have boundless energy? Ask for a swimming session during their stay. Want to see photos of your pet while you’re gone?  Just ask! Whatever will make you and your pet more comfortable!

We know you’re in a hurry to get out of town for vacation. To expedite boarding drop off, feel free to fill out and bring the attached FAST PASS.

We Offer:
      •     Large Indoor Runs
      •     Dogs Walked a Minimum of Four Times/Day
      •     Exercise in Enclosed Outdoor Area
      •     Cat Condos
      •     High Quality Pet Diets
Specialized services that we offer at the time of your boarding:
      •     Swimming in Our Hydrotherapy Pool
      •     Massage
      •     Extra Play Time
      •     Microchips
      •     Dentals
      •     Vaccines
      •     Surgical Services
      •     Much More

Peeking Through Window of Cat Condos

For the protection of each of our boarding guests, we require that all new guests pass a physical exam performed by one of our veterinarians prior to their first visit. We do not board pets that have internal or external parasites or contagious diseases. Each pet also needs to be current on all vaccines and regularly using a heartworm preventative such as Heartgard. Our kennel staff is also qualified to administer any medications your pet may need while staying with us.

See you soon!